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Our SEO Services

We provide customized Search Engine Optimization services.  SEO is no longer just about your website.  It means being consistent everywhere.  It requires connecting all of your profiles together.  Your content must be meaningful and well written, and you can’t cheat.

There are minimum requirements, and then your search engine optimization expands from there, depending upon your goals.  Title and Description tags are important but might be completely ignored by Google, which may grab something else from your page that is more relevant.  You may learn from watching your Google Search Console that people are searching for something that you do not have, so you need to create it.

SEO becomes a long-term game, adjusting your existing content, and creating new content to better inform users out searching.

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What Is A Better Investment:
Social Media or SEO?

New Business:  If you are a new business with limited funds and you need to generate revenue in order to move forward, use Social Media to drive traffic to your site for sales.  Using that revenue, then invest in an SEO strategy that works with your Social Media profiles for long-term growth.

Established Business:  If you are a more established business, invest in a full assessment of your web presence.  Use SEO best practices on your existing website and social media platforms.  Utilize social media campaigns to drive traffic back to your site, and then monitor engagement, making changes to your site content as needed over time.

Our Method

Our method typically entails first ensuring that a website is using all of the best practices for SEO such as using key words, key phrases, meta tags and image alt tags, fast site speed & SSL.  Put simply, we get your house ready for visitors.  Then we use Social Media to drive traffic to your site, which, as mentioned above, is faster than getting SEO results.  We use heat maps & analytics to see how visitors interact with your site, and then modify the site content, organization and layout for achieving your engagement goals.  By the time this has been executed, which takes a couple of months, Google will have started to reflect modifications to your site, and your pages may begin to appear in searches that you have targeted.

Over time, we then use Google Search Console to even more closely fine tune your site for search results based on what searches your site is appearing in, and how you rank in those searches.  As an example, by looking at Search Console, we could see that Future Bright was appearing in searches for SEO professionals in our home town of Mill Valley.  We created a landing page specifically for that search, optimized it, and now that page is beginning to appear for that same search, and visitors who click on the site will see a page created especially for them.  You can view the SEO in Mill Valley page here.

After about six months have passed, a clear picture emerges of which social media platforms are most suitable for your business, what search terms are being used to find your business, and what type of content is most engaging.  Using that information, you can continue to create content with confidence, and with the tools that are in place, monitor the success of that content, and adjust as your audience interest shifts.

SEO Vocabulary

Adwords – paying Google to bump you higher for key words that you choose.  Keywords have different prices.  When you stop paying, you go back to where you are organically.

SEO – The “O” means “Optimization” which is an active function, meaning manually going in to your website and modifying text and architecture in a way that is search engine friendly, and then continuously monitoring your visitor stats and modifying your site content as needed to methodically improve your scores.  This improves visibility not just for a few key words but for your entire site.

Long Tail Keywords:  These are full phrase searches made by people who are pretty far long in the purchasing process.  An example would be, “california mountain climbing tours”.  Read Wordtracker’s explanation on Long Tail Keywords here:

SEO Resources

Disavow Troubling Backlinks – Did you find hundreds of suspicious back-links on your Google Search Console?  Having black-hat links to your website can hurt your rankings with search engines even if you didn’t ask for the links to be there!  There is a solution though if you suddenly find hundreds of suspicious links to your site.  Follow Google’s instructions to upload a list of links that you wish to disavow.  To view those instructions, Click Here.

An SEO Case Study

This chart shows data for a contractor client of ours that launched a new site two years ago.  They received a lot of traffic shortly after launch, but they didn’t touch the site for two years.  The site just sat there.  Over those two years, as the graph shows, there was a steady decline in traffic, and the incoming calls from the website dropped substantially.  By analyzing their user data and reworking their site, we were able to get their traffic back up to higher than their highest point after launch within a couple of months!  We love to see our client’s data improve!  That is because visitors equals clients, and clients equals income.  That is our ultimate goal.

Actual 3-Year Data
Future Bright SEO Services

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Future Bright Client Holly Hill Hummingbird Farm

Dave West | Urban Garden | Holly Hill Hummingbird Farm

Wendy and her whole team at Future Bright are wonderful!  We’ve been using Future Bright since 2012 and would never think of changing!  Wendy or one of her staff are always quick to assist us with with our questions and concerns.  In our one-on-one meetings with Wendy, we’ve always been amazed at her numerous great tips she has for our webpage, admin rules and email names.  Before we worked with Wendy our business was not taken seriously.  After working with Wendy, we’ve gone on to form partnerships with the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, Walmart, Volkswagon, GoPro…  What a difference a great webpage can make!  Thanks again Future Bright for helping us change the world!