Your website tells the story
of your customer’s journey

Ensure that you tell it well!

We build lead generating websites that guide your customer along their decision making process.

Own A Website
That Establishes You As
A Successful Expert In Your Field

We build powerful websites that connect you with the people who need you.

The Project Assessment

For a project that is large or on the complex side, we offer a Project Assessment in order to truly determine the scope and price for your goals.  It is a highly collaborative exercise, and you will learn a lot about how we work.  It gives you the opportunity to make a small investment before making a much larger one on your digital presence.

A Project Assessment includes the following:

  • Lean Canvas Business Plan
    • We work with you to create a one-page business plan that helps us understand your customers and your overall objectives.
  • Base3™ Digital Marketing Assessment
    • Using our logic-based model, we will identify the most effective ways to reach your audience and guide their journey with you.
  • Digital Presence Assessment
    • We look at your current website, analytics, social presence, reviews, contact management, and other online profiles & tools you may have in place to find strengths and opportunities.
  • Proposed Scope Of Work
    • Based on our findings, we will collaborate with you to identify what services you need to achieve your goals.  This could include website design, digital marketing, or other promotional or technical solutions.
    • Our recommendations will be contained in a Proposed Scope of Work document.
  • Cost Estimate
    • We will present options based on your current and near-future needs.
  • Timeline

Price:  $600

How to work with us.


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Approve Scope Of Work

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Sophisticated Web Design

For The Seriously Motivated Professional

Having a sophisticated website and digital presence will immediately establish that you are a respected expert in your field.

Ensuring that your integrity and intellect are clearly demonstrated on your website and social media presence will give potential clients or customers confidence in your ability to deliver your message and services with exceptional credibility.

We work with your story to craft a visual and intellectual representation of you.  Our style is minimalist yet rich with color, texture and environments.

Schedule a consultation so that we can provide you with our recommendations.

Options For Small To Medium Sized Businesses

We will meet with you to discuss your business goals and your budget.

Future Bright - Marin Web Design

Sample Website & Marketing Package Options


  • Logo & Brand Development
  • Brand Guide With Colors, Fonts, and Image Treatments
  • Insta-photo shoot for social posts


  • A powerful website
  • Gorgeous imagery and powerful messaging
  • Home | Services | Shop | About | Contact Us
  • Opt-In to eNewsletter system with Newsletter Design
  • An Integrated Customer Relationship/Workshop Management Tool
  • Contact Form
  • Google Analytics & Heat Maps
  • Facebook & LinkedIn Pixel Installed
  • SEO Best Practices


  • Content written using  “The Hero’s Journey” model
  • Three Blog/Topic Articles edited or written using your key words
  • Email/Newsletter Template Set-Up

Social Media

  • A full set of Branded Social Media Profiles
  • One Month Of Social Media Content Creation & Postings
  • Hash Tags


  • The Base3 Model™ assessment and recommendations
  •  Facebook
    • Business Manager Set Up
    • Facebook & Instagram Linked
    • Facebook/Instagram Ads 3 x 3 = 9 ads
    • Retargeting Ad
  • Google
    • Keywords Identified
    • Google Ad Campaign
    • YouTube Video Ad With Your Existing Video


Speak To Your Hot, Warm, and Cold Audience!  Using our message crafting tool, we will help you identify messaging for your Hot, Warm, and Cold Audiences.

Crossroads Cafe Future Bright Portfolio

“It feels so wonderful to have this beautiful web site!”

~Scientist, Environmentalist
C. Pabo

“The site looks wonderful. Still in awe. I feel so…awesome!”

~Poet, Author, Speaker
S. E. Cole

“This website got my whole coaching practice launched…”

~Relationship Coach
A Frank

You have less than a second to make a first impression with your website.  Before a single word is read, the eye captures color and imagery, and the mind decides how it feels.  At Future Bright, we build intentional environments that create an instant connection with your viewer.

We understand how important it is for your website to be absolutely stunning.  It also needs to be an effective gateway for acquiring new clients.

~Wendy Louise Nog, Digital Strategist