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Wendy Louise Nog
Founder, Digital Strategist
B.A. Multi-Disciplinary
M.S. Technology Management

President, SF Professional Food Society
Web Chair, CA Alpine Hiking Club

The Marin Builder’s Association
SF Professional Food Society
Naturally Bay Area

Better Business Bureau A+

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A message from founder Wendy Louise Nog

“It is wonderful to be able to showcase so many of our clients on the Future Bright website, and to talk about all of the benefits you can have from having a beautiful website and a social media presence.  For a moment, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I grew up in the woods of rural Minnesota.  I came from a family of engineers, but my parents decided to move to the countryside and “live off the land” like many families did in the 60’s.  When it was my turn to choose my own path, I began as a fine arts major, but with a computer science minor.  At the time it was hard to imagine that the two would somehow work together and seemed like an odd choice.  Then, suddenly the internet came along, and my visual arts and computer science training became locked together, and have been since.

It has been my pleasure to work for large organizations such as the World Health Organization where I managed a site that was in five different languages.  For past two decades however, as I traveled and then raised my children, I have maily focused on working with individuals and small businesses.  The range of clients I that have worked with is incredible, and I am always just in awe at the diversity of talent and interests humans have.  I was once paid with eggs.  I remember a moment with a client who was on the phone with me panicking because the September 11 attacks had just happened, and there was a mob outside of his store because he sold flags and had run out.  I have built a website for a celebrity Persian Chef who is opening a restaurant in Dubai, and I was able to visit them and view the restaurant under construction.

Being a systems minded person, I do so much more than just create websites.  When a client works with me, they don’t just get a website, they get an entire digital communication and marketing system.

My process has been refined over years of experience, and I always feel confident that what we deliver is what we promised, and more.  Over the years I have had a wide range of team sizes and structure.  My favorite is what I have now.  I build a team based on the client’s unique needs.

I hope that we will get to work together!


Wendy Louise Nog, MSTM

Wendy Louise Nog, Founder, Future Bright