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be extraordinary

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measurable results

Advising businesses like yours on lead generation through your website,
search engine optimization, and digital marketing strategies.

Schedule a consultation to learn which digital marketing tactics will work best for your current goals.

Spend 30 minutes discussing your business goals and exploring opportunities to achieve them with your digital presence. 


Wendy Louise Nog

Senior Digital Strategist


“I will work with you to grow your business through a digital marketing strategy that focuses on your customer’s journey. That strategy could include a new or updated website, social media marketing, an SEO strategy, an app, a foray into the Metaverse, or the implementation of tools that will streamline your sales and marketing.”

Be the marketing expert your business needs

Learn core marketing principles so that you can make informed decisions about your digital marketing.  

Have a digital presence that is absolutely stunning, and that establishes you as a reputable expert in your field.

Experience a digital sales funnel that is aligned and integrated with your internal sales process.

Be free to focus on your craft, and be confident that your business is receiving the online visibility that it needs.

Marin Web Design By Future Bright
Marin Web Design By Future Bright

How To Work With Me

I have worked with hundreds of founders and business owners one-on-one to help them gain a big picture view of what a lead-generating digital presence should look like for their unique business.


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I will review your notes and invite you to meet with me via phone, Zoom, or on location following covid protocol.


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Based on our conversations, I will present my recommendations for your review and approval.

Berber, photo by Wendy Louise Nog

Website design with the richness of color, texture & taste

A stunning website & digital presence will immediately establish that you are invested in your work.


Ensuring that your integrity and craftsmanship is clearly demonstrated on your website and social media presence will give potential clients or customers confidence in your ability to deliver products and services of exceptional quality.


I work with your story to craft a visual and intellectual representation of your business.  Our style is minimalist yet rich with color, texture and environments.


Tell me about your business, and your goals, and then schedule a consultation so that I can provide you with my recommendations.

Digital marketing & training

Discover how ads, search & social work to grow your business

Guide Your Customer’s Decision Making Process

Search engines and social media platforms operate based on the way humans make decisions. In the BOLDCRAFT Sessions, we integrate their methodology into a marketing and content strategy that will grow your business.


The BOLDCRAFT Framework

Your guide to SEO, Content Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, E-mail Marketing & more.