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The Business Rocket Launch Sequence

  • Brand & Marketing Strategy

    It is critically important to go through a brand and marketing strategy exercise.  Through rigorous study, it is important to identify who your Hot, Warm, and Cold audiences are, and WHERE they are.  You will have different messaging for each of these.

  • Social Media Audience Building

    Long before launching, be visible where your audience is.  Your social media profiles should be fully branded, and content continuously published to build your audience and encourage engagement which can be used to narrow down your audience for future campaigns.

  • Power Website Creation

    Your powerful website should be at the center of your digital brand, establishing your integrity and excellence.  With a properly designed website and experience, potential customers will immediately recognize your ability to deliver products and services of exceptional quality

  • Ad Blitz

    Once your website or application has launched, publishing ads to a strategically identified yet broad audience on both Social Media and Google will build your brand recognition, start bringing visitors to your site, and allow you to begin an email list .

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

    When your social media profiles and website are robust with content, reaching out your content list will be more effective.  Keeping your audience informed of news and offers will assist in developing a relationship with each individual.

  • Content Marketing

    Publishing content on your site and sharing it on social media will begin to establish you in the eyes of search engines as an “expert in your field”.  This is key for Search Engine Optimization purposes.  It also creates additional entry points to your website as viewers find you in searches and on social media.

  • Retargeting Campaigns

    Whether it is showing ads to people who have visited your website, or those who have filled out a form, made a purchase, or reached out to you through your contact list, it is important to keep the digital conversation going.

  • Learning & Repeating What Works

    Once you have gone through the sequence, you will have a lot of data, multiple failures, and multiple successes to draw from.  Create a plan for the next quarter, and continue with your brand recognition ads, conversion ads, and content and email marketing.

Typical Business Rocket Launch Timeline


Price:  Estimate Required*

Financing Available.

*Ask about Scholarships available for start-ups and minority owned businesses.

Common Modules


  • Logo & Brand Development
  • Brand Guide With Colors, Fonts, and Image Treatments
  • Insta-photo shoot for social posts


  • A powerful WordPress website
  • Gorgeous imagery
  • Home | Services | Portfolio | About | Contact Us
  • Case Studies
  • Services
  • Facilities
  • Opt-In to eNewsletter system with Newsletter Design
  • An Integrated Customer Relationship Management Tool
  • Contact Form
  • Google Analytics & Heat Maps
  • Facebook & LinkedIn Pixel Installed
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Hosting For One Year


  • Content written using  “The Customer’s Journey” model
  • Blog/Topic Articles using your key words
  • Email/Newsletter written and published

Social Media

  • A full set of Social Media Profiles
  • Three Months Of Social Media Content Creation & Postings
  • Hash Tags


  • Facebook
    • Business Manager Set Up
    • Facebook & Instagram Linked
    • Facebook/Instagram Ads 3 x 3 = 9 ads
    • Retargeting Ad
  • Google
    • Keywords Identified
    • Google Ad Campaign
    • YouTube Video Ad With Your Existing Video

Monthly Assessment

  • Review of website, social & ads