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We build personal brand websites that clearly designate you as
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Features & Pricing

Personal Brand Websites

Your website should tell your story, and also be a powerful technical wonder.  Whether you are participating in speaking engagements, promoting your book, are active on social media platforms, or need a robust lead funnel, we will build a website that works hard for you, and brings all of your digital assets together.

Price:  $35,000-$85,000

Celebrity Persian Chef Ariana Bundy – Ariana’s Kitchen, Dubai


We work with a select group of incredibly talented photographers who will create a stunning collection of portraits showing you in your element.

Price:  $10,000-$25,000 + Travel

Photographer Anastasia Blackman
Photographer Anastasia Blackman

Personal Logo

Your logo is incredibly important, as it will represent who you are, your personality, your depth of character, what matters to you, and the value you have in quality and craftsmanship.  Your logo may be your signature, or it may be a special font with added graphical elements.   Our brand designers can work with a wide range of personalities, whether you be in tech, or a highly creative field to create a mark that represents you.

Price:  $10,000-$75,000

Brand Colors

Often the colors used in the design of personal brand websites do not actually look good with the complexion of the subject.  For this reason, we recommend that you work with our color stylist, Shelley Golden, to identify a color palette that brings out your features.  We will then develop a brand palette based on those colors to use on your website and any other assets.  She can do this through Zoom.

Price:  $1000

Brigitte Lank
Ending Burnout
George Sawyer - MIT Blackjack Team

Social Media Branding

You will want all of your social media profiles to be correctly branded.  We will apply your branding across your social media profiles

Price:  $5000-$7000

Future Bright Portfolio - Crossroads Cafe

Digital Marketing Strategy

You will want to have presence in all the right touchpoints so that you are communicating effectively with your audience along their journey.  We will use the BOLDCRAFT Digital Marketing framework to help you identify what channels will work best for you, and where you should be focusing your marketing time and budget.

Price:  $3000

The BOLDCRAFT Growth Marketing Chart

Digital Marketing

Whether you will be running ads on LinkedIn or Facebook that lead into a funnel, or creating a campaign on TikTok or content on Medium, we can provide you with guidance and a select team to execute your unique strategy.

Price:  Quote based on strategy

Fashion Styling

Treat yourself to a shopping trip to New York City with one of our BFF’s fashion consultant Kelly Sparks.  With personal connections to major fashion houses, she will transform your wardrobe and style.

Price:  Ask for a personal referral

Kelly Sparks

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