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North Bay Fork

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North Bay Fork

Black Shonen

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Black Shonen


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Future Bright Website Design - Forkitecture

Sage Maiden

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Sage Maiden

Pier 5 Law

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Future Bright Website Design - Pier 5 Law

Alternatives Collective

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Future Bright Website Design - Alternatives Collective

Raully Jones Construction

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Gary Forer

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Golden Gate Builders, Inc.

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Future Bright Portfolio: Golden Gate Builders
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Benefits By Design

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Benefits By Design - Future Bright Websites

Nellie King Solomon

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Nellie King Solomon - Future Bright Websites

Blue Rooster Combo

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Blues + Dancing

Blue Rooster Combo - Future Bright Website Design


Note From Founder Wendy Nog:  We have two goals with every website we build.  1.  We want our clients to be proud of the websites we build for them and excited to send potential clients or customers to their site.  2. We want the sites to convert visitors into customers.   Our websites are powerful engagement systems with a beautiful interface.

Crossroads Cafe - Future Bright Website Design

Crossroads Cafe | Joshua Tree

The Story:

If you journey into the desert to see the famous desert forest of Joshua Trees, you will go through the dusty town of Joshua Tree.  If you are hungry, maybe you drove all night to get there and need a breakfast, or you camped on hard ground and are too achy to cook over a campfire, stop in at the Crossroads Cafe for a delicious hearty meal.  This site had been deleted by a hosting company that we often rescue our clients from.  We rebuilt it rapidly from the imagery that was available so that they did not lose their ranking in Google.
Samuel E Cole - Future Bright Website Design

Samuel E. Cole | Author

The Story:

“I don’t know if it’s just the coincidence of raw talent or whether you’ve actually mastered the techniques of modernists like Elizabeth Bishop’s use of worldly detail (“the roundabout crossroads gone dark,” “a floss pick you tossed aside and forgot”) and Robert Lowell’s and John Berryman’s confessional style. You’ve got Larkin matched on metaphor. All of it is way too good for the local spoken word circuit.”  With reviews like these, rising author Samuel E. Cole needed a website to promote and sell his current collection of poems, “Bereft And The Same Sex Heart” and his upcoming work “Bloodword”.  We used the beautiful Squarespace platform for Sam.
Mike Hecker Bookkeeping - Future Bright Websites

M H Bookkeeping

The Story:

Mike Hecker and his team manage the books for small to medium sized businesses around the Bay Area, California, and the US.  His website, like many others, just needed to be brought into the twenty-first century.  Many if not most of their clients begin with an imposing list of challenges, inaccurate or non existant books, and all of the stress that comes with having finances out of control.  Mike and his team are communicators first, bookkeepers second.  They truly are hand-in-hand partners with their clients.  His new beautiful logo, created by designer Tom Gherig, was matched with imagery that Mike selected to reflect the journey to financial calm that he and his team provide.
freida banks - Future Bright Website Design

Freda Banks | Wedding Photography

The Story:

This incredible photographer needed an updated look to display her gorgeous imagery.  Squarespace provided the perfect platform for her.  As you can see when you visit her site, even the worn wooden boards at your feet can be stunning from behind the lens of a talented photographer!
Adam Hirsch, Personal Trainer, Corte Madera, C

Adam Hirsch | Personal Training

The Story:

Few people have had the astonishing healing impact on the human body as Adam Hirsch.  Not only is he a personal trainer, but he also specializes in muscle activation techniques and mind/body nerve connection rewriting that can only be experienced to believe in its transformative impact.  Adam works out of a gym in Corte Madera, CA, and while he is featured on the gym’s site, he wanted to have his own presence.  We used photographs taken by one of his clients and Squarespace to create an online place for him to connect with an online audience.

Dee Moffett, LMFT

The Story:

Dee Moffett recently began her practice and needed a website.  She had signed up with GoDaddy to use their website building tool but found that she needed more.  We worked with her to resolve several GoDaddy issues, and built her a beautiful site in WordPress.  The site reflects her personality, as well as her caring style.

Alex’s Cleaning Service

The Story:

Alex did not have a website for his outstanding cleaning service.  He does residential and commercial cleaning, and needed an online presence.  We took advantage of Square Space and its beautiful handling of images.
Future Bright - Rupak Nag Patent Law

Rupak Nag, IP Attorney

The Story:

Do you need a patent for your software, IOT, Self Driving Car Tech or mechanical invention?  Attny Rupak Nag needed an online presence for his high tech Patent and IP Speaking engagements.  Patent Attorneys are the Super Heroes of the law field:  they protect inventions.  We created a site that reflects the highly technical nature of his work, which focuses on cutting-edge technology.  His clients are some of the top tech clients in the Bay Area, and his site needed to reflect that.  Secure Your IP.

Chez BeeSen| San Francisco, CA

The Story:

Sometimes clients come to us with heartbreaking stories of website hosts gone bad.  This client had their catering business running on a store created by their hosting partner and it went down.  Chez BeeSen is a downtown lunch hunter’s dream come true – a buffet serving Indian, Mediterranean, Asian, and Mexican foods.  We got to meet the multi-cultural chefs working away in the kitchen stirring incredible curies and rolling out naan, tortillas and pizza dough.  Chez BeeSen also does catering, which is a large part of their sales.  We built a beautiful new website that gave them the ability to do walk-in sales, order ahead sales, and large catering orders.  If you can, stop in and taste this incredible food!

Powerplant Park | Richmond, CA

The Story:

Look a little closer…yes, those are marijuana leaves!  This start-up is building a state-of-the-art medical marijuana greenhouse farm on the shores of the San Francisco Bay.  They wanted a logo that felt like a National Park, and a website that would function as a center for the community that is sure to “grow” up around Powerplant Park.  This site has some oddities that the client requested, but hey, we wanted to tell you about it anyhow!


Future Bright Website Design

Hachman Construction – San Rafael, CA

The Story:

For this client, it is all about the visuals.  Aside from a bit of text on the “About” page, Tim Hachman wants the viewer to look at the images and see the incredibly beautiful and modern work they have done.
Internationally Renowned Persian/Iranian Chef Ariana Bundy

Ariana Bundy | Persian Chef

The Story:

Internationally Renowned Persian/Iranian Chef Ariana Bundy is wildly popular on Social Media, has a National Geographic cooking show, and two cookbooks.  One of her videos might have 100,000 views.  As she begins to look ahead to “What’s Next”, she sees selling her products online, and perhaps even a restaurant.  This meant that she needs to have a home online.  This website serves several purposes.  One is to provide a location for all of the beautiful imagery of Iran and Ariana’s foods.  The second is to begin to grow her social media stats which are important to potential partners, and third is to have a platform where she can sell products.  Have you ever seen saffron fields?  You will if you spend some time watching her gorgeous videos.  Her recipes include pomegranate, rose petals and gold.  How much more luxurious can cooking get?

The Center for Swedenborgian Studies

The Story:

The center got a new name, and needed a new website to reflect its new image.  Their previous site was typical of sites built in the early part of 2000’s, and needed a more modern look.  Because they wanted to create a sense of place, we were able to take advantage of using beautiful imagery on their site.  We created a WordPress site, and after a bit of training, the client wrote and imported much of the content on their own.  We love to have our clients help with uploading content, because it helps them get used to working within the WordPress platform before the site is live.
Design Build Specialists

Design Build Specialists

The Story:

Mark Labordette loves his work and loves his clients.  We originally built his site in 2015.  When the North Bay Fires happened, he was flooded with calls from folks who needed his honest, experienced advice.  We have completely revamped his home page, SEO’d the heck out of it, and have set up his North Bay Fire Video blog.  Mark is one of those honest to the core guys that folks in a crisis or vulnerable position can depend on.  We wanted to make sure that those people could find him.

Our State Of Peace | World

The Story:

Our client needed a beautiful presentation for a huge collection of interviews from around the world about peace.  The website needs to also serve as an interactive piece for museums and events.  We love taking websites beyond the boundaries of tradition, and this gave us an opportunity to do just that.


The Foresight Institute

The Story:

We are the client’s third development team working on this project, and we are determined to complete it.  We listen carefully to our clients, and carefully move through the necessary steps so that there is a complete deliverable at every milestone, and every dollar is well spent.  This is a huge site that was first built in 1996, and it is thrilling to see the old code, reminding us of how astonishing it was in those early days.  We converted hundreds of pages into WordPress, moved thousands of blog entries into the site, and managed to keep the more than 400,000 inbound links intact.  Success!

Conscious Uncoupling

The Story:

The Founder of the Conscious Uncoupling method of separating from your spouse has launched a coach training and certification school.  She has 100 students graduating.  Half of them need websites, and the other half need to have their current site updated.  We have created a streamlined process so that we can provide them with a WordPress site that is customized for their particular style.  Below are two of the sites.


Featured Sticky Situation

“My partner has been sent to prison for embezzlement, how do I push that news down on Google Results?”


When Googling the client’s name, the first several results are highlighting this untowardly chapter of our client’s life.  Trying to bury a news article poses a huge challenge because is a news article, so has quite a bit of rediblity with Google.


We created five different sites that reflected actual interests of the client, and populated them with content.  We also published three blog articles for each site, and dripped them, once every couple of weeks.  We also ran Google ads for them using the relevant names.


The ad appears at the top, and after six months, the first news article was bumped to page 2!  Skeletons safely hidden in the Google closet:  Page 2 of Search Results.

Clients come to us with all sorts of scenarios.

Below are just some of the sticky situations we have rescued clients from:

My website has suddenly disappeared!  You go to the URL and nothing is there!

I hired a developer to build my site, and months have gone by with no website delivered.

My website takes five minutes to load!

I forgot to pay my hosting bill and all four of my websites were deleted!

I bought a cheap website but the information on it is wrong and now they won’t answer my calls!

I am going to start having seminars, how do I manage the invitations and attendees?

I tried to build my own website but I realized I should spend my time doing my craft instead!

The person who manages our Facebook Business page left the company and now we can’t access it.

My partner went to prison for embezzlement, how do we bury all of the articles that come up about it when you Google his name?

I suddenly went from page 1 on Google to page 10!

I am starting a grocery delivery business – how do I manage online sales, suppliers, and delivery?

I want to be able to update my website myself but I don’t know how.

We have 30 coaches graduating from our program and they all need a website!

We have a website that was built in 1995 and has 3000 pages…we want it to go into WordPress.

My cousin opened a business with the same name as mine and is stealing my customers.

I want to start sending out newsletters.

I am a designer, and I need a white label development team.

Our website is in an old version of Drupal.  What should we do?

Someone built a website for us, but it is not mobile friendly.

We want to build a portal for our clients.

When you go to my website there is an ISIS video playing with a burning American Flag!

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