A Streamlined Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

Grow your business using a digital marketing framework that puts the focus on your customer’s journey.

The BOLDCRAFT Digital Marketing Framework

As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of digital marketing.  You want to be informed enough to effectively direct your web and marketing teams.

Business managers have often experienced frustration due to the tangled nature of digital marketing.  Now there is a framework that clearly explains what content you should be creating and where to publish it in order to guide your customer’s journey.  The framework is called BOLDCRAFT, and we created it for YOU.

Your website, social media profiles, ads, and all other touchpoints should be working together seamlessly to guide your customer in their decision making process.  To measure their progress, you should have features in your website that allow you to analyze results. 

By applying the BOLDCRAFT Framework to your business, you will be clear on how to work efficiently with your web and marketing teams and to ensure that your customer’s journey leads to a long-term relationship with your business.

Watch this short video below for an intro to BOLDCRAFT Digital Marketing.

Results some of our clients have experienced:

Language School – all courses full!

Waterbike Tour Company – website visits increased by 400%!

Real Estate Agent – Inquiries increased 10x!

Overview of the BOLDCRAFT Digital Marketing Framework

The BOLDCRAFT Digital Marketing Framework puts the customer experience at the center of all decisions.  Improving the customer journey is a priority.  All activity is focused on adding value for that customer, and eliminating activities that do not.  This leads to a customer centered process that is minimized to only those activities that improve the customer experience, which effectively reduces waste in time, resources, and budget.

BOLDCRAFT is a lean marketing framework that is anchored by the customer journey, and guided by the content and communication needed to assist that journey.  BOLDCRAFT integrates methods used by search engines and social media platforms into your marketing strategy. By learning the BOLDCRAFT Framework, you will gain the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your marketing partners, campaigns, and marketing budget in a way that puts your customer’s needs in focus, and eliminates activities that do not bring them value.

Science + story

Although the application of a framework to marketing can seem quite dry on the surface, picture in your mind the framework beneath the gorgeous architecture that we see around the world.  When you have a solid foundation and structure, it will support even the most creative and wild ideas.  We architected BOLDCRAFT not to minimize creativity, but instead to provide a foundation so that the incredibly creative teams that use it can be certain that their efforts and imagination will achieve their goals.  The science in BOLDCRAFT is the human mind, and the way it makes decisions, and the computer science behind the algorithms created by engineers programming instructions for aiding the human decision making process.  The story is the customer’s journey, and how you become a part of that journey, hopefully for the long-term.

The BOLDCRAFT Lean Marketing Framework is illustrated in the chart below.

The BOLDCRAFT Growth Marketing Chart


Search Engines & Social Platforms want you to present information in a way that follows the human decision-making process so that they can show your content to the right people at the right time.

You can learn how to align your marketing with their expectations for maximum impact. The BOLDCRAFT Digital Marketing Framework integrates the human decision making, algorithms, and the communication channels you should use to guide your customer’s journey.  By combining technical knowledge with proven marketing strategies, BOLDCRAFT provides the clearest guide available for identifying lead generating campaigns.  The framework provides you with a method for identifying what marketing activity and content will be the most effective for a particular point in the customer journey.

The Three Certainties in Digital Marketing

To create BOLDCRAFT, I looked for the lowest common denominator in marketing campaigns to discover a foundation that could work for any business.  I found the Three Certainties in Digital Marketing

1. Most humans make decisions using the same process

2. Search & social algorithms align with that process

3. There are multiple communication channels available

Combined into a sentence, Digital Marketing Is…

“The customer’s journey, aided by algorithms, supported by your outreach.”

The BOLDCRAFT Playbook

In four intensive sessions, you can become an expert on how to guide your new and returning customers to a sale.

Step 1.

Define your business goals

Utilizing Lean Canvas, we will examine the problems that you solve, your ideal customers, and ultimately, craft your business goals.

Step 2

Segment your audience

We will segment your audience and create messaging that is unique to their needs, and based on how much awareness they have of your brand.

Step 3

Identify touchpoints

Using your lead funnel, we will identify touchpoints where your customer interacts with your brand, to ensure that you have the right messaging and tools in place to engage with them.

Step 4


Anchored in your business goals, we identify powerful campaigns based on your customer segments, their awareness level, and the messaging that connects with them.

Which BOLDCRAFT session is right for your business?
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BOLDCRAFT Author Wendy Louise Nog, Director of Digital Strategy with 20+ years of experience building digital brands and guiding businesses through the ever evolving digital space.

Be the marketing expert that your business needs!

Discover how ads, search & social work to grow your business

Guide Your Customer’s Decision Making Process

Search engines and social media platforms operate based on the way humans make decisions.  In the BOLDCRAFT Sessions, we integrate their methodology into a marketing and content strategy that will grow your business.

The BOLDCRAFT Framework

Your guide to SEO, Content Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, E-mail Marketing & more.

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Customers will think of you first when they have a problem that you can solve.

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On being the marketing expert for your business


When you have a deep understanding of the methodology in use behind current digital marketing technology, you will be able to make informed decisions about your business and marketing efforts.  You will know when to delegate marketing tasks, what partners you need, and how to guide them with your business goals.


You will have a simple yet powerful marketing strategy that will bring in new business consistently.  You will feel confident that your business is being put in front of the right people.


Rather than juggling marketing and using hope as a method, you will know that your marketing budget is being used effectively so that you can turn to work that inspires you.  As your business grows, you will begin to have more time to dedicate to starting new projects, products, or ventures.

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We understand how challenging it can be to identify the right marketing strategy.  It can feel like hit-or-miss, and often you do not have measurable results to see if there is a response to your efforts.

In the BOLDCRAFT Sessions, you will learn not only how to create powerful campaigns that reflect and guide your customer’s decision making process, but you will also learn how to gain a benefit even when a campaign does not have its intended results.

My Promise

We focus on your customer’s journey so that you can continue rolling out effective marketing campaigns. You will discover what copywriting is best to attract new customers specifically for your business. Most of all, you will feel empowered with the knowledge you need to promote your business no matter what new tools or platforms arise in the digital space.

~Wendy Louise Nog, Author of BOLDCRAFT, Founder of Future Bright Digital