View Your Business From Your Client’s Perspective

The Hero’s Journey (Donald Miller’s StoryBrand) Method Will Help You Find The Words To Use

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View Your Business From Your Customer’s Perspective

Find The Words To Use

Stop struggling with how to describe your business or services.

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Refine Your Copy

Refine your copy and test it on our wireframe mock-up tool.

Stop wasting time and expense writing copy that doesn’t truly reflect you.

Our Solution

Ineffective copy can cause you to miss opportunities, or attract those who are not your ideal customer, resulting in dead end leads.

Lost opportunities and time spent on leads that go nowhere can be expensive and affect morale.

Let us take you through this exercise and start you on your journey of speaking so that the right people hear you.

Contact us to transform your marketing message.

How You Will Benefit!

Your audience will be a group of people who truly need your help.

You will feel confident that you are reaching those who need your message.

Spend your days in service of others in a way that makes you feel accomplished and successful not for what you have, but for who you are surrounded by.

Four Incredible Bonus Mock-Ups!

When you use our mock-up tool, in addition to a home page mock-up, your carefully crafted copy is also used to create the following:

  • Home Page Title & Snippet
  • About Us Page
  • Facebook Ad – Long Form, with 3 Headline Options
  • Google Ad

About The Book

“Building A Story Brand” is a book by New York Times Bestselling author Donald Miller.  In the book Miller outlines a method for creating a story, with your client or customer as the hero.  The hero encounters a villain, then meets a sage (you) who provides a plan for avoiding failure and achieving success.

By creating a story for your brand with the method described in the book, you are giving your audience a story with closure and a happy ending.

Author Donald Miller developed his framework based on Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”.   It is remarkable to create a story with this  model, and then see it in action on a web page.

Once you have become accustomed to this model, you will love taking the copy that you write, and having access to an instant, printable website mock-up of your text


Future Bright is not associated with or endorsed by Donald Miller, and we do not teach the Story Brand method.  We just geek out on making tools that improve efficiency.  This product is like an iPhone case, which is built to fit the iPhone but is not created by Apple.

What Our Clients Say

I think it’s an amazing resource for people writing their own websites (and for their clients)!


This is a REALLY cool document! You have done an amazing job putting it together.


This helped so much…and I love the way [it is] integrated with Google docs to lay it all out like that! So slick.


Going Minimalist

It is hard to compress the vast knowledge and expertise that you have into a few sentences for a marketing campaign or web page.  It can feel like you are leaving so much out.  You worry that your audience will not realize all of the other things you can do, or how much of an expert you are.

Our experience in taking clients through this exercise has led to not just the creation of marketing copy, but clarity in direction and message.  It truly is the case with digital that less is more. 

Our Promise

Any content you share with us, or input into our Mock-Up Tool still belongs to you.  We will not share your content with anyone outside of our team.  We will only be looking at content if we need to for technical Q&A purposes or to answer questions you might have.

Future Bright Founder Wendy Louise Nog with Miyoko Schinner, founder of Miyoko's Vegan Cheeses
Future Bright Founder Wendy Louise Nog with Miyoko Schinner, founder of Miyoko's Vegan Cheeses & Butters at the FIG awards