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StoryBrand Website Examples

When I discovered the book, “Building A Story Brand”, it transformed the way I think about marketing.  I have never been comfortable with “selling”.  The Storybrand model puts the client in the role of the hero, and yourself as the guide, which completely removes the “selling” feeling, as you are reduced to merely someone who is providing guidance.  I loved how that sounded.  The big question for me then, was how does this translate into a website?

I wrote out all of the parts of the StoryBrand framework, and then sketched them out as a wireframe.  This worked great for the first website that I made, but what about the next and the next?  I often create “form generated” content for streamlining, so I decided to utilize a Google Form and a third party tool to ask the questions, and then generate a wireframe for each project on a Google Document.  I now have a “worksheet” that I use to collect information from the client, and then I rewrite their responses, and plug my content into the form.  It creates the wireframe for me, which I then use as a guide to build out a home page, as well as the About and Services page.  It also uses the content to generate a Facebook ad, Google Ad, About page, and other useful sets.

Here are a few examples.  I have more in the works and will be adding to this collection as I move through them.

Example 5:  Trauma Coach

Sarah E. Howard

Example 4:  Coach

Ending Burnout

StoryBrand Website Example

Example 3:  Employee Benefits

Benefits By Design

Example 2:  Digital Agency Home Page

Future Bright Home Page

StoryBrand Website Example

Example 1:  Digital Tool

Website Mock-Up Tool

About The Book

“Building A Story Brand” is a book by New York Times Bestselling author Donald Miller.  In the book Miller outlines a method for creating a story, with your client or customer as the hero.  The hero encounters a villain, then meets a sage (you) who provides a plan for avoiding failure and achieving success.

By creating a story for your brand with the method described in the book, you are giving your audience a story with closure and a happy ending.

Author Donald Miller developed his framework based on Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”.   It is remarkable to create a story with this  model, and then see it in action on a web page.

Once you have become accustomed to this model, you will love taking the copy that you write, and having access to an instant, printable website mock-up of your text


Future Bright is not associated with or endorsed by Donald Miller, and we do not teach the Story Brand method.  We just geek out on making tools that improve efficiency.  This product is like an iPhone case, which is built to fit the iPhone but is not created by Apple.  We have created the form, but you will need to read the book  to know how to use it.  You will love it!

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