You can direct your company’s digital marketing,
even with ZERO social media experience.

Be ultra prepared for the next meeting with your marketing team.

The BOLDCRAFT Digital Playbook

Take this workshop to translate your business goals into a powerful set of documents that make up a digital marketing playbook that can guide your team.

The BOLDCRAFT Sessions

Self Guided Course

Workshop Outline:

Session 1. Your Lean Canvas Business Plan
Session 2. Customer Segmentation
Session 3. Touchpoints & Lead Funnel
Session 4. Architecture of a Digital Marketing Campaign

Outcome:  You will complete a set of documents and learn how to manage your digital marketing through your one-page business plan.

The BOLDCRAFT Sessions

A Self Guided Course

“A-B-C-D-E-F-You and your friends…”

Your marketing team thrives on positivity, energy, and engagement!  But how do you keep your marketing team moving in the right direction if you have never watched a Tiktok video, or are not up on the most popular meme song (see heading above)?

Who the BOLDCRAFT Digital Playbook is for:

  • Solo-preneurs and Small Business Owners who want to have a strategic plan for marketing and growing their business.
  • Decision makers who want to ensure that their business goals are reflected in their company’s digital marketing activities.
  • Business Owners or Managers preparing to meet with their marketing team.
  • Business Owners who plan to do their own marketing and want to be sure they are on the right track.
  • Entrepreneurs who recognize that having a digital strategy will preserve start-up funding and decrease burn rates.

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Create Your BOLDCRAFT Digital Playbook

Complete four sessions that weave your business goals into a 25-page playbook that can guide your digital team

Self Guided Course


Outcomes for your business

  • A set of powerful documents that will guide your digital team.
  • A Lean Canvas Business Plan that will allow you to quickly explain your business to internal and external partners.
  • Identification of your business goals and important KPI’s.
  • Customer segments, and starter ad copy for hot, warm, and cold leads.
  • A vision of your customer as the hero of their story, and how you fit in.
  • A list of important touch points for customer satisfaction.
  • A method for creating marketing objectives that support your business goals.
  • A list of potential marketing campaigns.
  • A diagram showing the typical architecture of a marketing campaign.
  • Recognition of where in the marketing process you are most valuable.
  • A planning document for an actual campaign that you can execute with your team.
  • A calculator that uses industry conversion rates to project cost to achieve a particular KPI.

Benefits of completing the workshop:

  • Keep your marketing team informed of your goals
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars in misguided ad spend.
  • Gain the ability to direct marketing activities without having marketing expertise.
  • Have a communication tool that is informative, but still provides the creative freedom needed for your marketing team to produce engaging, high-performing content & ads.
  • Gain access to a calculator that allows you to gage whether a campaign was successful.
The BOLDCRAFT Sessions

Self Guided Sessions

BOLDCRAFT Playbook Contents

About Me:

I have been building and defining powerful digital solutions for hundreds of businesses over two decades.  From forest farming to nanotechnology, there are few verticals that I have not touched. I created this implementation workshop in response to what I have observed is a common challenge for many if not most business owners:  feeling in control of their company’s digital media strategy.  



Master of Science in Technology Management

BA Interdisciplinary – Business, Humanities, & International Political Economy