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 Digital Reboot

I like to get things done
right and fast! – Wendy

Transform Your Business In One Day

Let’s get you set up in ONE DAY! I have my team ready, and we are going to CRUSH IT digitally for your business!

Social Media, SEO, Newsletters, Google, eCommerce

What We Can Accomplish

Here are some of the things we can achieve, and their typical price!

  • Create a simple logo ($2000)
  • Build a beautiful 1-3 page website ($4000)
  • Create & organize your social media profiles ($1500)
  • Get your Google My Business account set up ($500)
  • Identify third party tools that YOU NEED and set them up ($700)
  • Set up an eCommerce store ($2000)
  • Clean up internet messes ($500)
  • Identify tools to streamline your process ($500)
  • Identify partners to do your busy work ($300)
  • Get your newsletter set up ($500)
  • Automate social media posting ($300)
  • Create a list of your website/social media partners ($200)
  • Prioritize your long-term digital to-do list ($200)
  • And so much more!

How It Works

I will have a one hour call with you to identify what your needs are, and what we can/should achieve. You will be filling out an intake questionnaire before, during, or after the call.  We will choose a date for my team to focus ENTIRELY ON YOU FOR THE WHOLE DAY!

My team will be doing prep work before the actual date so that we can hit the ground running.  On the scheduled date we will work from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, but you do not need to be in attendance the entire time.  You do need to be available for calls and reviewing work as  it is drafted or completed.

After the full day of focus, there will be a follow-up one hour “Crush It Summary Call” to go over our work, and to provide you with answers to any questions that you have.

Transform Your Digital Brand

Future Bright Social Media - Before and After

The Digital Workout Schedule

  1. Attend a one-hour call to identify the most important items to tackle on your “Crush It Digital Workout” Day.
  2. Choose a date for the full-day workout
  3. Fill out the Accounts & Contacts document as much as possible
  4. Be available for calls on workout day
  5. Attend A follow-up call to go over accomplishments and next steps
Wendy Louise Nog, Director, Future Bright

Wendy Louise Nog

About Me:  I have been managing digital brands for 20 years.  I have literally seen it all.  I can identify the challenges of a digital presence very quickly, and find and execute solutions fast.  I would love to transform your business!  Let’s do this!