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Architecture Of A Digital Marketing Campaign | Future Bright Digital

Marketing in the covid era means moving almost entirely to the digital space. The benefit of going digital is that there are a million different ways to track and measure the effectiveness of your marketing, so you can begin to streamline and get the most value for your advertising investment.

Facebook Ads Sample Data | Future Bright Digital

There are many different types of campaigns, each with a different objective. In this example, the objective is "brand recognition" and the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is clicks to the website. The chart to the right shows you how many clicks you would get to your website based on the cost per click.

Facebook Ads Calculator Form | Future Bright Digital

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Website Design Philosophy | Future Bright Digital

If you explain what is behind the magic, it doesn't seem magic any more. For this reason I have relied on our portfolio to tell the story of our work. When I have calls with potential clients, they have a hard time putting our work into words as well.

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Marin Website Design - How To Select A Web Designer In Marin County And Beyond.

Are you looking for a web designer in Marin County or nearby? In this video I talk about how to go about this process to be sure you have found a designer t...

How To Choose A Web Designer

Business Builder Tips Walk-About #1. Google My Business Set Up

Learn all about the NUMER ONE digital profile you need for your business - Google My Business. Rather than staring at someone talking constantly to keep you...

Google My Business Explanation

Digital Marketing In 2021 - Wendy Nog of Future Bright

The Absolutes for digital marketing in 2021.

Early 2021 Thoughts

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Start Selling Online – Fast and Low Cost – Wendy’s Recommendations

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What’s More Important? SEO or Social Media?

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How To Create A Google My Business Page

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