Own a website that establishes you as a
reputable expert in your field

We build powerful coaching websites that empower you to create a community around your work.

Coaches Need High Performing Websites

As a coach, you need more than just a brochure for a website.  You need a fully functioning leads management system that is integrated with your social media profiles.  You want a design that shows your sophistication and intellect.  You need integrated tools to manage appointments and payment for your services.

At Future Bright, we have built dozens of websites for coaches.  We understand you have your own way of working with your clients, and we build a system around you.

Our Process When Creating A Coaching Website

Many of the coaches we work with are not as tech savvy as they would like to be.  For this reason, our intention from the beginning is to identify a website and system that is as streamline and hands-off as possible.

We begin by taking our client through a series of exercises that help us understand their goals, their customer, and their resources.  We then help them get clarity on how to best serve their clients within their own comfort zone from a technology perspective.  We have worked with dozens of different platforms, and are familiar with most used by coaches.  We can help our coaching website clients select tools that work together with the least amount of effort.

We then turn to design and content.  If a coach is in need of a logo and branding, we provide a process for selecting fonts, colors, and image style.  The final “brand board” will guide the look and feel of the website.

To create the text, we take our clients through the Building A StoryBrand process, which is a wonderful method for creating content.  StoryBrand places your client in the seat of the hero, and you as the guide.  We look at the situation from the hero’s perspective, and write content that reflects your role as the sage.

We then use the content that comes out of the exercise to populate the website.

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