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5 Signs Your Website Needs A Make-Over

5 Signs Your Website Needs A Make-Over

By Sheila Fox, Production Manager, Future Bright Interactive

 1. Your Site is Not Mobile Ready

Mobile-site-not ready273x183In the race for higher page rankings, Google’s new standard is mobile optimization.   Sites that are optimized for mobile devices are given a higher ranking then those which are not, even when all other SEO is equal. This might not be fair, but it is the new reality. There’s a 75% chance that right now you are reading this on your smartphone, tablet or some other mobile device.


2. Your Traffic is Down

website traffic down-chart298x175It seems like every other month Google is updating its algorithms and coming out with a new version of its search engine that totally negates all the SEO strategies you have been implementing for past several years. You need a site that can stand up to the whims of Google, and one that is easily updated whenever necessary.


3. Your Website has Been Around Longer Than Social Media

social-media-285x181If your site was built in 2009 or earlier there was little consideration for social media and the marketing that is available. Oh, you may have a few icons on your Home Page leading to your Facebook or Twitter account, but the site itself was not built to take advantage of social media and the traffic it can produce.


4. You Have a Ton of Content, and a Mass of Menus

Content overloadYou’ve had your site for many, many years and have kept building on it continuously as your business has grown. As a result you have so many menus and sub-menus that even you can’t find content when you’re looking for it. It’s become an unruly mess and you’ve become a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning it up and moving it over to a more efficient location.


5. It Just Plain Looks Old or Still Uses Flash

Yahoo 1996If you have been using the internet lately, and of course you have, 85% of the US population uses it, then you couldn’t help but notice all the new, clean and modern-looking websites that are out there today. Many of them on a single, long page that is easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to find information. These sites help keep potential customers or clients on your site longer because they answer basic questions immediately and keep your basic contact info in the customers immediate field of attention.

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