The BOLDCRAFT Sessions

Get serious about your digital marketing

Most business owners I have spoken to feel so repelled by digital marketing that they are frozen into inaction.  

Stop watching in frustration (and concern) as the world races ahead of you.  


In four sessions, I will walk you through zero-fluff exercises that will help you see yourself from your customer’s perspective, and extract lead-generating, measurable marketing tactics from your business goals.

$3400 per business

(up to 3 attendees)

The BOLDCRAFT Framework

Session 1

Define your business goals

Utilizing Lean Canvas, we will examine the problems that you solve, your ideal customers, and ultimately, craft your business goals.

Session 2

Segment your audience

We will segment your audience and create messaging that is unique to their needs, and based on how much awareness they have of your brand.

Session 3

Identify touchpoints

Using your lead funnel, we will identify touchpoints where your customer interacts with your brand, to ensure that you have the right messaging and tools in place to engage with them.

Session 4

Create campaigns

Anchored in your business goals, we strategize campaigns to meet your potential customers at critical touchpoints, and with messaging that draws them to your brand.


To help you view your business from your customer’s perspective.

To give you powerful words to address your customers’ needs and concerns.

To identify your top content pillars for effective SEO & content marketing.

To provide you with customized materials that will guide your digital marketing campaigns.

To empower you to make strategic decisions about your marketing activities.

“I liked doing the work in real-time!”

“Hearing other people’s examples, the way you organized it by sending out the shared folders was very helpful.”

“Much, much appreciated and overdue for us!”

“You nailed it!”

Who the BOLDCRAFT Digital Playbook is for:

  • Businesses that have neglected their digital presence and avoided marketing
  • New businesses that want to jumpstart their marketing
  • Decision makers who want to ensure that business goals are reflected in their company’s digital marketing activities.
  • Business Owners or Managers preparing to meet with their marketing team.
  • Business Owners who plan to do their own marketing and want to be sure they are on the right track.

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Create Your BOLDCRAFT Marketing Playbook

Weave your business goals into a playbook that can guide your digital marketing.

About Me:

I have been building and defining powerful digital solutions for hundreds of businesses over two decades.  From forest farming to nanotechnology, there are few verticals that I have not touched. I created The BOLDCRAFT Framework in response to what I have observed is a common challenge for many if not most business owners:  feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing.  



Master of Science in Technology Management

BA Interdisciplinary – Business, Humanities, & International Political Economy