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1. Introduction

Length Of Video – 5:17

Let’s take a quick look at what is going on in your mind when you are feeling afraid of or uncomfortable promoting yourself.

Summary Of This Workshop

1.  Choose a scenario that you would like to change

2.  Define the worst case outcome & best case outcome

3.  Prepare a foolproof “getaway”  vision

4.  Map out the point in your thought sequence when the fear is strongest

5. Practice activating the vision interrupting your thought sequence.

2. Common Scenarios

Length Of Video –  8:18

There are many scenarios when you need to promote yourself or your products.  Let’s take a look at some of them, and how you experience them.

3. Characteristics Of Your Scenario

Length Of Video – 4:39

We choose one scenario, and identify the fear, worst case scenario, and the opposite BEST result.  Once scenario can have multiple knowledge states.

4. Your Foolproof Visualization – The Getaway!

Length Of Video – 8:55

Train your brain to know that you are not alone, so it doesn’t need to prepare you for flight!  Train your brain to call on your crew to be waiting to whisk you away in a moment’s notice!  Learn to activate this vision when you start to sense your body reacting to your thoughts or a situation.  Once complete, you may have your favorite parts of the visualization, and use just those parts in different scenarios!


5. Sequencing Your Thought Process And Using The Hack

Length Of Video – 8:55

We actually use the hack to help you practice calling on it when you need it.  Map out your thought process and practice inserting your vision where it will interrupt and stop your fear from happening.

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