Learn EXACTLY how small businesses like yours can use Facebook Ads to get new customers and a ton of exposure in your local community!

‘I had my business so dialed in. I had a way of attracting new clients, and as arcane as it may have been, it worked. Until it didn’t. And then I didn’t know how to fix it.” ~Evan Palmer

Have a One-On-One call with our Ads Manager Evan Palmer and you can learn in 60 minutes what has taken him years to research, test, fail, test again, and finally come up with…

“The Winning Small Business Facebook Ads Formula”.

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Jamba Drilling, Belvedere, CA

A Future Bright Client

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Tired of not having enough new clients?

I know I was. I’m Evan Palmer with Future Bright, and I’ve been running small businesses for a long time.

I remember a while back being at this networking event, and a guy says to me:

Him: “You should be advertising on Facebook and Instagram.”
Me: “Why?”
Him: “Because that’s where all the people are, dude!”

In retrospect, maybe I should have been more open to new ideas.

It’s just … I had my business so dialed in. I had a way of attracting new clients, and as arcane as it may have been, it worked. Until it didn’t. And then I didn’t know how to fix it.

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We Developed A Formula And
Want You To Have It Too!

Wondering When Things Will Return To Normal?

Maybe you’ve been relying on print ads, Google searches, cold calling, newsletters, or perhaps just word of mouth in order for people to find out about you. But for whatever reason, you’re not attracting the attention you used to. And you keep telling yourself, “It’s because it’s winter,” or “It’s because of the economy,” or “It’s the pandemic.” Things will get back to normal soon.

Sorry to break it to you, but …

The world has changed forever.

So let’s have a moment of silence for the good old days.

Here’s the good news: The “new world” has AMAZING potential to bring you 2X, 3X, 4X … 10X the business for a fraction of the advertising cost. Let that sink in. Sure, the world of social media marketing may be foreign to you, but it’s a WAY better system. All you have to do is
figure out how it works. I know … who’s got time for that? And how do you figure out what platform you should even be on?

Well, as someone who has spent a number of years and thousands of dollars studying and implementing this, I can answer that one for you right now …

You should be advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

…just like that guy told me years ago. Done right, it is the least expensive and most effective place to advertise. Why? Because just about every one of your prospective customers is on those platforms … DAILY.

At Future Bright, we’ve been helping our clients increase their traffic significantly by running Facebook and Instagram ads. What’s more, through testing and trials, we have discovered “the formula,” and now we can give it to YOU!  So how do you find out if Facebook and Instagram advertising is right for your business?

We thought about doing a webinar, but every business is extremely unique, so we thought it would be better to just offer you this:

A Personalized 1-on-1 Call

Join me on a 1-on-1 call and, in addition to helping you get clear on the most important metrics to be watching on an ongoing basis, I’ll help you:

What Is Covered In The Call

  • Create a Framework for Your Next (or first) Facebook Ad Campaign,
  • Our Formula Applied to Your Business
  • Facebook Business Manager Set-Up Recommendations
  • Your Copy Of Our Ad Blitz Calculator*

*our proprietary tool that we use to project what your return on ad spend might be based on what your ad spend might be for your particular clientele in your particular industry.

Of course, there are only so many hours in the week, and therefore availability is extremely limited.

That said, we’re still going to make you a sick (my word, not Wendy’s, she would prefer the word “crazy”) offer.

This 1-on-1 Session is normally priced at $279. But for a limited time, we’re offering it to you, our Future Bright community, for just $79.

If you’re looking for new clients this year, then you owe it to yourself to cut through the noise and find out how Facebook and Instagram can bring that new business to you.

Hey, I WAS that guy, clinging to the old ways of doing business. But I bit the bullet and learned how social media marketing worked. Why not let Future Bright help YOU figure out how to make it work for YOUR business?

We cracked the code. Let us show you how.

Book an appointment and I’ll talk to you soon!

One-On-One Consultation

Price:  $279  $79

Our Ads Management Team
Future Bright Facebook Ads Team - Wendy And Evan

We are looking forward to meeting with you, and finding out how we can help you become more visible!

Wendy Louise Nog
Founder, Digital Strategist

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