Nellie King Solomon – Woman Artist – For Large Spaces

The Challenge

Nellie came to us after first hiring a developer who never quite finished the job.  Her previous website was off-center, not mobile friendly, and in spite of having a lot of imagery, was not a true catalog.  Updating it was impossibly difficult.

Our Solution

We migrated the site to a fresh installation of WordPress, and built out a true catalog system for her lifetime of works.  Nellie now has a website that is an actual catalog.  Each piece has its own record in the database, and has searchable fields on the back-end including year, medium, size, and for events and shows, and their location.  Her press page, which has not been released yet, is also a full catalog of all of the publications she has been featured in throughout her career as an artist.  Not all of her work is visible on the front-end.  She has full control over what to show, and what to hide.


WordPress / Patti Theme / Custom Post Types / Custom Fields / Smush

Crossroads Cafe
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Samuel E Cole - Poet - Minneapolis, MN
Internationally Renowned Persian/Iranian Chef Ariana Bundy