Digital marketing training for you or your team

These sessions provide you with the most streamlined marketing strategies available.


Search engines and social media platforms operate based on the way humans make decisions.  In the BOLDCRAFT Sessions, we translate their methodology into a marketing and content strategy for your business.

“I liked doing the work in real-time!”

“Hearing other people’s examples, the way you organized it by sending out the shared folders was very helpful.”

“Much, much appreciated and overdue for us!”

About The Sessions

The BOLDCRAFT sessions are comprised of four 2-hour sessions.

These can be done consecutively, over a four day period, or once weekly for a month.  You or your team will be given a deep understanding of how to work with search and social algorithms, a plan for what content to create for your business, and an understanding of where to publish it.  During the sessions we will have identified at least two marketing campaigns that you can immediately launch to begin increasing engagement and sales.

Team Training Sessions: $497 per attendee – minimum of 3

The BOLDCRAFT Framework

Step 1.

Define your business goals

Utilizing Lean Canvas, we will examine the problems that you solve, your ideal customers, and ultimately, craft your business goals.

Step 2

Segment your audience

We will segment your audience and create messaging that is unique to their needs, and based on how much awareness they have of your brand.

Step 3

Identify touchpoints

Using your lead funnel, we will identify touchpoints where your customer interacts with your brand, to ensure that you have the right messaging and tools in place to engage with them.

Step 4

Campaign architecture

Anchored in your business goals, we create campaigns based on your customer segments, their awareness level, and the messaging that connects with them.

BOLDCRAFT Sessions Outline:

Session 1. Your Lean Canvas Business Plan
Session 2. Customer Segmentation & How To Speak To Them
Session 3. Touchpoints & Your Lead Funnel
Session 4. Digital Marketing Campaigns

Outcome:  You will have a completed set of documents to guide your team, jumpstart your marketing, and three marketing campaigns that you can launch immediately.  You will know how to manage an effective digital marketing strategy.

Session Documents:

  • Bold Canvas Business Plan
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Segmenting
  • Lead Funnel & Customer Touchpoints
  • Content Pillars
  • Brainstorming & SMART Objectives
  • Campaign Planning Document
  • Keywords
  • Action Plan
  • Data Tracking Spreadsheet

Customers will think of you first when they have a problem that you can solve.

Your digital marketing will be simple but effective and measurable.

Your digital presence will reflect the craftsmanship of your brand

“A-B-C-D-E-F-You and your friends…”

Your marketing team thrives on the energy of the moment, and the engagement they can inspire!  But how do you keep your marketing team moving in the right direction if you have never watched a Tiktok video, or are not up on the most popular meme song (see heading above)?  How do you keep them feeling valued and inspired when a campaign totally bombs?  How can you collaborate to learn from those campaigns that crash and burn, and those that are a success?

Who the BOLDCRAFT sessions are for:

  • Solo-preneurs and Small Business Owners who want to jumpstart their marketing and have a strategic plan for growing their business.
  • Emerging marketing teams that want to leap forward
  • Decision makers who want to ensure that their business goals are reflected in their company’s digital marketing activities.

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Attend the BOLDCRAFT Sessions!

Complete four sessions that weave your business goals into a playbook that can guide your digital marketing.

About Me:

I have been building and defining powerful digital solutions for hundreds of businesses over two decades.  From forest farming to nanotechnology, there are few verticals that I have not touched. I created this implementation workshop in response to what I have observed is a common challenge for many if not most business owners:  feeling in control of their company’s digital media strategy.  



Master of Science in Technology Management

BA Interdisciplinary – Business, Humanities, & International Political Economy