“I love you” said the voice

How to quiet the inner critic

I stumbled upon the realization that we all truly believe inside that we are amazing. How do I know this? Because I see it in my children.  We all start out that way, as young children, feeling in our very core how amazing we are. You can see it reflected in the faces of toddlers as they take their first steps. Somehow soon after the toddler years, the knowledge that we are amazing is often lost. How does this happen? When does this start to take place, and what causes it? I believe that this feeling is still there, tucked away for safe keeping, still intact, and our interaction with the outside world is a direct reflection of how carefully we need to protect that inner sense.  If we grew up feeling in danger, it is tucked even further away.  As adults, how do we un-do whatever it is that hides our true feelings for ourselves at bay?  Why are some of us so hard on ourselves?  Why do we have such negative message ringing out in our heads?  I have discovered a nine step process that will rid you of this problem for good.  Yes, a cure.  The following paragraphs will introduce you to my perspective and how I arrived at this solution, followed by the nine steps and a worksheet to walk you through them.

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i love you said the voice