Fabric Gift Bag Sewing Competition – Winning Bags Will Wrap Chocolates ❤️ For #CampFire Victims


Giant Tree In Northern California

Every year 11 million trees are cut down to create wrapping paper that is used only one time.

How To Save Trees And Deliver Chocolates To Fire Victims With Your Sewing Skills!

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Enter Your Fabric Gift Bag In Our Sewing Competition!

Winning Entries will be used to wrap chocolates, and all other entries will be used to wrap gifts for families who lost their homes in the Camp Fire in Northern California

Mail Your Fabric Gift Bag Entry To:

Attn:  Wendy Louise Nog
Future Bright
100B Shoreline Highway, Suite 100
Mill Valley, CA  94941


AGE 0-7 New Materials

Age 0-7 Recycled Materials

AGE 7-12 New Materials

Age 7-12 Recycled Materials

AGE 13-18 New Materials

Age 13-18 Recycled Materials

Age 18+ New Materials

Age 18+ Recycled Materials

Winners will be used to wrap chocolates, which will be delivered to children who have lost their homes in the Camp Fire in Northern California.  All other entries will be donated to “adopt a family” organizations supporting these families to be used for wrapping gifts.  These bags will likely stay with these families for generations.
More than 10,000 families have lost their homes.  Lets save trees and also help these families.   If you wish to wrap a gift in your entry, please include a tag that says the age, and if necessary, gender of the gift inside.  If you include cash, or a Gift Card, we will ensure that the cash or gift cards remain in the bag until it is delivered to a recipient.  Please do not include more than $20 in cash.


The cost of wrapping paper can deplete precious funds for those with a very tight budget.  We want to provide wrapping choices that will stay with families year to year, easing the cost of gift paper and wrapping.  While you are creating your entry, also make several for your own family, and keep them from year to year to exchange gifts.

Before sending in your bag(s) take a photo, post it to Facebook or Instagram, and tag it #fabricgiftbag  if you can.  This is not mandatory, it is just a way to spread the word about Fabric Gift Bags.

Rules Of The Bag Sewing Competition:

  • Do not use glue, foam, or stickers
  • Do use fabric, or mixed media textile
  • Do include a decorative sash or tie to close the bag
  • You may send as many bags as you wish, all will be donated
  • You may include a special message for the recipient inside of the bag
  • Do provide us with the age, first name, and contact information for the creator or supervising adult.


Include inside the bag a greeting or message.  You can also include cash (not more than $20), a gift card, or an actual gift.

Fabric Gift Bags
Fabric Gift Bag
Fabric Gift Bags
About This Competition

Like our company name says, we are reaching for a Future that is Bright.  We specialize in creating beautiful websites that celebrate artistry, nature, and our collective need for each other.  We believe that trees and conservation are the answer, and it won’t be a big corporation or a wealthy billionaire that will save this planet, it will be each of our micro-decisions that alters our current path.

One micro-decision is purchasing wrapping paper.  Our founder’s mother created fabric gift bags that are still in use 40 years, and 40 Holidays later.  One bag has conserved 40 yards of wrapping paper.  Imagine if you created twenty bags for your family, and re-used them each year for 40 years.  You will have saved an entire grove of trees.

We love trees, we love our planet, and we love creating beautiful choices.

Founder Wendy Louise Nog, and her children