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The Golden Touchpoints – 5 Most Important Touchpoints In The Customer Journey



Golden Touchpoints - 16 Most Important Touchpoints For Sales

21 Touchpoints Now Needed Before A Sale!

How Can It Be Possible To Manage Them All?

Before diving into this subject let me take some weight off of your shoulders with one word:  automation.  If you are responsible for bringing in business, your day-to-day marketing tasks should be limited to just the few touchpoints that ONLY YOU can do.  Everything else should be automated or delegated.  O.k., let’s go!

I heard recently that it now can take 21 touchpoints in the customer journey before a purchase.  This is due to the incredible speed of information turnover that we are exposed to every day through social media.  When I heard this number it seemed astonishing and impossible to achieve so  I sat down to create a list.  The list grew to 43 common touchpoints!  And there are certainly more.

Of these 43 however, not all are created equal.   The touchpoints every business must have in place and kept current whether you want to or not are in the chart below.   Most of these touchpoints can be automated, preset, or delegated.  The touchpoints highlighted by the blue blob are the Golden Touchpoints – those that you should handle yourself, or delegate only to someone very close to the voice of your business.  The Golden Touchpoints may vary slightly by organization, and we help businesses identify theirs so that they stop wasting time and money focusing on touchpoints that should just be handed to someone else.

Future Bright - Wendy Louise Nog
Wendy Louise Nog - Future Bright Founder, Digital Strategist

How They Work

Here is a quick summary of how these Golden Touchpoints work together.

  1. Your physical presence and marketing materials are distributed
  2. Content & stories are shared throughout your entire digital presence.
  3. Online Profiles lead the audience back to your website or product page.
  4. Your audience connects with you via call, email, chat, Contact Form, or Opt-In.
  5. Nurture those potential customers through calls, emails, providing value.
  6. They say yes!  You have a new customer!
  7. Follow a delivery/service process designed to care for your new customer.
  8. Give your customer an opportunity to review you.
  9. Respond to their review and feedback.
  10. Stay in contact with them and continue to provide value.
  11. Repeat!
You may have many of these in place already.  You need to ensure not only that each item is carefully crafted, but also that they are all working together and speaking in the same voice.  This can be done through automation and the implementation of tools that will keep these touchpoints running while you practice your craft.  Implementing automation and also delegating tasks will give you time to tend to the most important touchpoints that only you can address such as  in-person calls and attending meetings, and events.

When you add to the number of touchpoints in your sales efforts, and stay consistent with your voice and brand at every point, you will experience a loyal customer base and increased engagement.

We want to be a part of your success.  We are offering “Golden Touchpoints” consultations during which we ensure these important elements are in place for you and working.

Sales Touchpoint Automation Tools & Partners

  • CRM such as Simplero, Salesforce, GitHub
  • Email Marketing Tools such as MailChimp
  • Online Payments Processing/Invoicing
  • Website Maintenance Partner
  • Reviews Management Partner
  • Social Content Management Partner
  • Content Creator Partner (Copywriter)

Full List Of Common Touchpoints

1AdvertisingePublication Ad
2AdvertisingXFacebook Ad
3AdvertisingXGoogle Ad
4AdvertisingOnline Membership Ad
5CallXPhone Call
7CollateralBulletin Board / Roadside
8CollateralBusiness Card
9CollateralCar/Bus Sign
10CollateralPrinted Bag
11CollateralPrinted Pen
12EmailXAuto Responder
14EmailXPersonalized Email
15EmailVideo Voicemail
16EventBooth at an event
17EventEvent Attended
18EventSpeak at an event
19EventSponsoring Event/Team, etc.
21MeetingGroup Meeting/MeetUp
22MeetingOne-To-One Meeting
23PeopleFace To Face Meeting
Friend/Family Recommendation
25PeopleXReferral/Testimonial From Client
26PublicationLocal Paper/Magazine Ad
27Search Results“Best Of” Article Appearance
28SearchXSearch Engine Results
29SocialXFacebook Post
30SocialInfluencer Mention
31SocialInstagram Image
32SocialXLinkedIn Share/Post
33SocialXOnline Review
34StoreDrive By Storefront
Visit Store/See product on shelf
36VideoXVideo Somewhere
37WebsiteWebsite Home Page
38WebsiteWebsite Portfolio
39WebsiteXWebsite Product Page
40WebsiteWebsite Survey
41WebsiteXWebsite Opt-In Form
42WebsiteXWebsite Contact Form
43WebsiteWebsite Chat
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