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The Ultimate Wordpress Set-Up

The Ultimate WordPress Set-Up For 2019

The Ultimate Wordpress Set-Up


Below is a list of the ultimate set-up for WordPress at the start of 2019. If this is all more than you want to tackle, we have created a Development Site package that includes everything on the list.   We can launch a white-label development site for you, or be an integral member of your team.

This set-up will suffice for the majority of businesses.  A large organization, or an organization that needs special functionality may require additional server-side modifications or custom code and more advanced plug-ins.  All will be compatible with this collection.

To your success!

Wendy Louise Nog, Founder


Preserve your creative energy and project budget.

Let Future Bright Set Up Your Development Site

Don’t waste hours of time and frustration trying to set up WordPress, choosing a theme and installing all of the plugins you need.

Purchase A Plug-And-Play WordPress Site

Value: $3000  Our Price: $199/month

  • Price is per month for 12 months
  • There are no refunds, as our labor is extensive at the start
  • On month 13 you may choose to drop to $100/month for reduced services

Have Questions?  
Tap or call:  415-275-0970

Read Below For The Ultimate WordPress Set-Up

1. Platform Set-Up

Website Address + Hosting

  • Domain Name Registered in YOUR name
  • Shared Hosting** (renting space on a server) or…
  • Dedicated Server Hosting (for faster websites)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Have your host “Set my PHP Max Input Vars to 1540”
  • Ensure that Gzip is enabled on your server
  • PHP set to allow uploads of file size 10MB

**A word about hosting.  There are many choices for hosting, and each provider has strengths and weaknesses.  It really comes down to how much support you need, how fast you want your website to be, and of course your budget.  If you are a developer launching multiple sites, your needs are also quite different.  Our recommendations are for single website customers, and are based on our own experience.

**What about GoDaddy?  Many people are familiar with the GoDaddy Brand, and are happy with their service.  This tends to be true with beginners, which may be you.  We do not recommend GoDaddy for various reasons including suspicious sales practices.

Specializing In WordPress

WP Engine

Includes Analytics & Other Jewels

Future Bright Hosting

  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Theme/Plugin Updates
  • Data Reporting
  • Heat Map
  • Cloudflare
  • Troubleshooting

Recommended For Speed

Fast Commet

2. WordPress Install Set-Up

WordPress Set-Up

  • WordPress Version 5.0
  • PHP Version 7
  • Theme – Recommend Patti (modern), Avada (corporate)
  • Child Theme
  • Page Builder:  Bakery Composer, Elementor
  • Google Analytics Code Installed (after launch)
  • Facebook Pixel Installed

Patti Theme

Avada Theme




3. Plugins


  • Duplicate Post
  • Wordfence
  • Header-Footer Code Manager
  • Yoast
  • Schema
  • Swift Performance Lite
  • WP Rocket
  • Cache for WordPress Performance
  • Smush Pro

4. Tools

Third Party Tools

  • Heat Maps
  • SEM Rush
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Facebook Ads

Useful Links

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Future Bright Man In Blue Car

Eight Must-Have Tools For Measuring Website Performance

Create a short-cut folder called “SITE PERFORMANCE” and then create a short-cut link for each of these so that they are available quickly.

  1. Future Bright Mighty Site Assessment
  2. Dot-Com Monitor Speed Test
  3. Google Page Speed Insights
  4. Facebook Overlay Text Test – Too much text on ad?
  5. Facebook Debugger – Clear Cache Page Image & Text
  6. LinkedIn – Clear Cached Page Image & Text
  7. Chrome Full Page Screen Capture
  8. Screen And Audio Recording With Selfie Video
Future Bright Man In Blue Car

About These Tools

 1. Future Bright Mighty Site Assessment

We usually charge $40 for this automated assessment, but for this blog post we are sending you straight to the assessment form.  This report gives you a wealth of information including site speed, use of key words, mobile readiness, and many other incredibly useful pieces of data about your website.

2. Dot-Com Monitor Speed Test

The Dot-Com speed test gives you a wealth of information, including speed from a couple of dozen places around the world!

3. Google Page Speed Insights

We miss the page speed that Google Page Speed Insights used to provide, and it was a nice little report that we could clip and show to our clients, but alas, they took it away.  Of course this is still a critical test to run on your website to ensure that you are giving Google what they want to see.

4. Facebook Overlay Text Test – Too Much Text On Ad?

Are you running ads on Facebook, or creating them for your clients?  Save time lost due to an ad being rejected.  This is a tool that will tell you if you have too much text on your image.

5. Facebook Debugger – Clear Cached Page Image And Text

We run every page on this debugger tool to ensure that if a page URL is shared, a nice image and proper description is displayed.  If you don’t like how it looks you can modify your page, and then go back to this tool to request that Facebook clears its cached image.

6. LinkedIn – Clear Cached Page Image And Text

We are using LinkedIn a lot more lately, and were super happy to find this tool, which clears LinkedIn’s cache should you decide you want to change out the featured image or text.

7. Chrome Full Page Screen Capture

This tool gives you a full long snapshot of what ever website you have in the browser.


8. Chrome Screen And Audio Recording With Selfie Video

If you need to do a training video, or record yourself playing Fortnight, this is a super easy tool to use.