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Fabric Gift Bags – Preserve Trees & Memories

Future Bright Fabric Gift Bags
This Holiday Bring Joy To The Forests!

At Future Bright we are passionate about preserving the beauty of our planet for future generations.  The Future Bright Fabric Gift Bag is one way that we are contributing to the solution.  By beautifying your life and bringing back traditions of old, we can preserve our planet’s resources.

Shirt Box Size Bag $2.99

Future Bright Fabric Gift Bags

Buy One – Gift One – Plant One $7

Fabric Gift Bags Gift One

Why Use Fabric Gift Bags?

Economic Benefits:

One bag can be used for multiple generations, becoming treasured mementos.  One bag can be used for 60+ holidays.  Our founder is still using bags that were created 45 years ago and they are still beautiful.  The typical cost for wrapping 20 presents:  $60 each year.  If you switch to fabric, you can have a life-time savings of $3500.

Environmental Benefits:

One family switching to fabric bags when their children are young will preserve an entire grove of trees, which will remove ten tons of carbon from the air each year.  One hundred families switching to fabric bags will preserve an entire forest and hundreds of tons of carbon.

Emotional Benefits

By now, all children are learning in school the devastating effect of waste and pollution in our environment.  By introducing fabric bags to their lives, you are allowing them to participate in the solution.  This will give them not only a feeling of taking action, but also a connection to the trees around them.

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Wendy Louise Nog, MSTM